Flared Jeans for women
Women's bell-bottom jeans

Flared jeans trousers for women from Comycom – try them on, fall in love and feel good. Large selection of self-produced women's flared jeans, flared pants and bell-bottom retro jeans in different washes, different denim materials and a large selection of sizes. Buy online now, directly from the manufacturer of the flared jeans in the Comycom Shop.

Flared jeans ladies

Hey, pack your flare jeans, take your little sister and off you go to Woodstock. Or maybe alternatively to the next "Schlagermove".

Hippie women's flare jeans from the 70s

We hippies of the 70s already knew it - and now it's your turn: women's jeans flares don't make a summer yet, you'll say. you will say, but a damn good figure, I will reply. Just do the test whether COMYCOM women's flared jeans made from different denim materials (100 % cotton/denim or 98 % cotton & 2 % elastane etc.) are your thing. Summer is already just around the corner, ready to convince you - I will answer you.

Everything that's good - women's flared jeans

Everything that is good remains: Ladies Jeans Flare Pants, Mega Ladies Jeans Flare Pants, and our other Flared Pants, Bellbottom - Pants, trumpet pants, that's the best proof. Here you can try them out for all they're worth. Patch jeans flared pants or batik flares, patchwork hippie jeans flares made from different denim patches, just as you like it. You have the figure, we have the women's denim flares and the summer, oh, what am I telling you. I would be delighted if you could take the flair of the seventies the flair of the seventies. We know that you cut a good figure in flared jeans. I expect you to be be the eye-catcher at the next 70s festival.

Women's flare jeans, your new companion

We'll help you find your style. Free yourself from old habits and conventions. Treat yourself to the moment. Let flare jeans be your new companion. Both denim flared pants and flared pants made of corduroy, fabric or gabardine material, batiked, patched, fused, washed or dyed - it doesn't matter, choose what inspires you. inspires you. Show off your very own 70s hippie look. Show us how you do it. Individuality and rebellion, freedom and flower power, gypsy look and hippie attitude - everything can, nothing has to, but without women's flared jeans, that's just not possible. you might think. Yes, I agree with you, and the flared jeans too. The image has to fit and Your women's denim flares too.

The temptation.

I'm going to show you some of our coolest flare jeans, but it's up to you to decide what you like. I'll simply tempt you and you'll discover what suits you. Let me convince you - we already are. the myth of the 70s will live on - everything that's good, you know, stays.

Discovery tour

From the deep women's flared jeans to the extremely flared flared jeans, from stretch jeans pants for girls to mega flare jeans for All. Tie-dyed denim flare jeans and unusual bleached variations in denim. Flare jeans from Comycom are available in a wide variety of washes such as dark blue, light blue, light gray, dirty look denim and trendy trendy authentic 70s hippie vintage styles such as fringes or Patchwork look.
Various denim materials from 10 ounces to 13.5 ounces of heavy denim, Used look or dirty look flare jeans, destroyed effects or classy and clean. Flare jeans in different washes for him and her. Stretch flare jeans with great comfort conjure up a wonderful figure. Also available in 100 % cotton denim materials, Bib Flared jeans, light hip fit and detail in love, women's flared jeans for everyday wear, the big big appearance or the trendy theme party. 70s outfits in jeans from Comycom.

How do I find my size?

Do you have questions about your trouser size? We have you covered For quick size orientation, all the 70s retro flared trousers, BOOTCUT trousers etc. offered here are listed in table form, according to the different flare widths, and these in individual size blocks displayed/sorted. Simply click on the black gear button at the top left, Select bell bottom model or bootct type and display the corresponding size tables there.
If you have any questions or problems with the size information, our support is available. by email, telephone or via our Comycom support system Available.

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