Mega flared jeans for him
70s mega flared pants

Mega jeans flared trousers is known for 70s retro look jeans flared trousers with a huge flare that reaches up to The circumference is up to 1 meter! In the program you will find Mega flared jeans Pants in a wide variety of designs, such as the Star Sixty 9 with an ultra-wide stroke, Dark blue and used look Jeans with a monster flare and the Comycom Star Dirty Look with an extremely large flare. The Comycom Mega Star Jeans extreme flare flared trousers are available in a wide range of sizes. All monster flare jeans have one Star flared trousers cut and are suitable for him and her, tight at the top Tight fits, which then end in an extremely wide leg cuff in a trumpet shape. Impact distances measured in circumference of up to one meter!! The must-have for everyone Flat pants Flower Power 70s hippie look fan!