Bootcut Fabric Pants for men
Fabric mens bootcut trousers

COMYCOM BOOTCUT Men's fabric trousers made of gabardine - 100% cotton - buy exclusively in the COMYCOM retro online shop. Great bootcut trousers made of black gabardine fabric - cool, casual and authentic. Men's pants with style!

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Do you have questions about your trouser size? We have you covered For quick size orientation, all the 70s retro flared trousers, BOOTCUT trousers etc. offered here are listed in table form, according to the different flare widths, and these in individual size blocks displayed/sorted. Simply click on the black gear button at the top left, Select bell bottom model or bootct type and display the corresponding size tables there.
If you have any questions or problems with the size information, our support is available. by email, telephone or via our Comycom support system Available.

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Fabric bootcut pants FOR HIM

As an important extension to our typical 70s fabric Of course we also carry flared trousers Bootcut Pants, with a significantly smaller impact distance, in fabric qualities. Next to ours Classic bootcut trousers Star Cut Gabardine black there are other plain-colored trousers in a classicretro Men's cut from the 70s with approx. 37 inches length, open end!
This means that each of these 70s bootcut trousers offers one Individual length design through sewing option! Besides the cloth pants finds Of course you also have more Bootcut Pants in Jeans and Cord qualities, washes and various colors on offer. If you're looking for bootcut pants, you should find what you're looking for.

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