70s shirts colorful
Colorful men's shirts from the 70s
Colorful 70s shirts with different geometric patterns, motifs and large collar variations. From the iconic dachshund ear collar shirt from the 60s/70s fashion to the typical large, tapered disco collar. Colorful wallpaper patterns on shirts in the style of retro 70s men's fashion.

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Do you have questions about your shirt size? We have you covered For quick size orientation, all the 70s retro shirts offered here are recorded according to the different manufacturers and these in individual size blocks shown. Simply click on the blue button above, Select the manufacturer and view the corresponding size tables there.
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Colorful 70s men's shirts

Geometric shapes, infinitely repeated patterns, colorful and cheeky. Large collar, slightly tailored cut, often at the bottom rounded shapes, patch chest pockets in cotton or polyester mix Variations. Circles or dots called figures, rounded corners repeated large and small squares, subtle or striking in the Overall appearance, these are the typical retro features of the 70s Years of patternsand variations.

Men's Shirts in different vintage designs, hippie looks or classic wallpapers, bright or retro to the max...

Who wants to go to a stylish Flat pants, whether Jeans or fabric, Cord or batik, not one too Combine with a matching top? Flower Power or Disco Look, Schlagermove clothes or stage clothing. Men's shirts can be found here Sizes from S - 5XL to suit almost every seventies taste. Limited editions, Premium shirt styles from various manufacturers and in-house productions of printed retro Men's shirts can be found in the COMYCOM Retro Shirt Shop.

70s shirts - alternative for fashionable alternative

There are classics and there are classics without alternatives. You'll guess what we're talking about! The classic from the seventies - the "70s shirt"! No alternative for tasteful fans of the era. Characteristics of typical 70s shirts:

- Particularly large collar!
- Tight, close-fitting cut.
- Predominantly graphically and colorfully patterned!

My colorful 70s shirts - the zeitgeist is out of the bottle!

These attributes betray the zeitgeist and describe a creatively fashionable era. The 70s shirts are not just men's shirts, they are pure zeitgeist! Looking for fashion inspiration? Take a look at our Comycom selection of colorful 70s shirts. You understand the style. You combine the 70s shirt, the 70s flared trousers according to your desire for authenticity. A 70s shirt tells a story. The story of a period, a time span, a stage of fashion alternatives without alternatives. Experiments in design - the 70s shirt, a new expression in its own fashion language. We translate the symbols of the time, the 70s shirt as a fresh cell cure for an entire generation. The hippie was born, the flower children were on the move, the protest generation was formed and on the streets, the festival.

Retro clothing!

Clothing - the 70s shirt - played a major role again. The 70s shirt had a symbolism that went beyond the fashion statement. It was something different, something fresh and colorful to wear close to the body. A new feeling was spreading - wearing 70s shirts. You will actively participate, feel the spirit of the times!

...typical seventies shirt....

Typical 70s shirts - floral, graphic or ethnic motifs for your 70s shirt, - woven fabrics, colorful printed materials - new spaces are opened up for creativity. Let us take you on a psychedelic journey through time. It all starts with a 70s shirt. Where it leads, what will come of it, is entirely up to you and your feeling for 70s fashion. Follow your intuition, find a casual 70s shirt and the start of your new clothing style is made. Our online store offers a wide range of 70s shirts with a variety of patterns, shapes, colors, motifs and cuts for you to choose from.

70s shirts are among the new trendsetters. 70s shirts in white, pink, black or mint green, with a large collar, dachshund ear collar or western style. 70s shirts are the beginning of a long love affair. Your ticket to the world of retro fashion. 70s shirts are guaranteed to catch the eye. Let yourself be inspired, inspired and dream. The good old days are not coming back, they have arrived in fashionable form - your 70s shirt.