Hawaiian shirts
Hawaiian shirts from the 70s

Aloha! At Comycom you can expect Hawaiian shirts in a large selection of motifs and many colors! Here you will find short-sleeved and long-sleeved shirts with different collar shapes and different fits. Both shirts with a classic, loose-fitting Hawaiian shirt cut as well as tighter-fitting slim-fit shirts. No matter what, with a Hawaiian shirt from Comycom nothing will stand in the way of your next summer vacation. If you have any size questions, ask for the size help or size table. There you will find all the information if you are unsure about choosing your size. And even if you choose the wrong size, we guarantee you a problem-free return.

How do I find my size?

Do you have questions about your shirt size? We have you covered For quick size orientation, all the 70s retro shirts offered here are recorded according to the different manufacturers and these in individual size blocks shown. Simply click on the blue button above, Select the manufacturer and view the corresponding size tables there.
If you have any questions or problems with the size information, our support is available. by email, telephone or via our Comycom support system Available.

The Hawaiian shirt - The perfect companion for your beach vacation

Beach and shirt don't usually go together. The Hawaiian shirt proves the opposite and always leaves a cool and casual impression both in the sun at 30 degrees and in the air-conditioned office.

The aloha shirt can be perfectly combined with a flower necklace and one of our sunglasses.

With a long-sleeved 70s Hawaiian shirt and a pair of Comycom denim flares , you'll be perfectly equipped for a 70s party or pop party. There are no limits to your imagination when it comes to outfits.

Characteristic for the Aloha shirt are:

  1. A wide, loosely falling cut
  2. Country-specific motifs with palm trees, beaches, flowers etc.
  3. Buttons made from coconut shells
  4. A lapel collar is usually used as a collar

All the features together create a summery and relaxed look.

How a shirt conquered the world

In contrast to the Hawaiian toast, the Hawaiian shirt actually comes from the paradise island in the Pacific. The history of the Hawaiian shirt goes back a long way to 19th century Honolulu. Shirts, which we now call Hawaiian shirts, are said to have been worn there for the first time in 1840.

From the capital, the garment slowly but steadily developed into a nationwide bestseller over the course of the 20th century. The aloha shirt experienced its heyday in the 1930s. American vacationers and stationed soldiers brought the shirt with them to the mainland. Within a very short time, the shirt became famous all over the world. Even American presidents were photographed wearing Hawaiian shirts.

Today, almost everyone is familiar with the typical Hawaiian pattern and knows where this type of shirt originally came from.

What you can learn from this story: The Hawaiian shirt is clearly not fast fashion. On the contrary, the shirt has been a fashion trend for at least 100 years. And just like the stock market, you should also focus on long-term trends in fashion. So, what are you waiting for?

Hawaii Beach Aloha Hawaii

Our Hawaiian shirt guide

To help you find the perfect Hawaiian shirt from our range, here are a few useful tips. It is particularly important to us that you are happy with your new shirt. That's why we've put some thought into the choice of shirt. The following questions will make your choice easier and save you frustration.

Are you more into belly sizes or do you tend towards the sporty slim fit.

The original aloha shirts from Hawaii are usually loose and wide cut. However, we also have a cool variation that is not often seen elsewhere: Long-sleeved Hawaiian shirts with a slim fit and large 70s collar.

You can also wear these in colder seasons. This type of Hawaiian shirt is also perfect for 70s themed parties or pop events. With this style, you will definitely stand out from the crowd at the party. Or have you ever seen a long-sleeved party shirt with a Hawaiian motif at an event like this?

However, if you otherwise prefer belly sizes, we recommend the classic Hawaiian shirt cut. This cut gives you more freedom than a slim fit cut.

What type of Hawaiian shirt are you?

The last aspect is not so easy to answer, but essential for you to find the best shirt for your style: The motif.

The typical Hawaiian motifs include elements that have something to do with the Pacific island. These would primarily be beaches, the sea, palm trees or hibiscus flowers. Here you will find exactly these motifs in every imaginable combination and color. You can also find other patterns outside of these classic variants: VW Bullis, hot rods or flamingos in typical Hawaiian scenes, among others.

Whether you stick to the original patterns or go for something more unusual is first and foremost a question of your willingness to experiment. And, of course, a question of how much you want to stand out. You're always on the safe side with a plain shirt with a white floral pattern. If you fancy something a little more daring, then take a look at our pink flamingo shirts.

What connects Comycom with Hawaiian shirts.

Longsleeve hawaiian shirt with sun glasses

If you don't know Comycom yet, we'd like to tell you a bit about us: We are a small company from Hessethat has been producing clothing in Turkey and selling it online for more than 20 years now.

We originally started out as a producer of flared pants and bootcut jeans. Over time, we then expanded our range to include unusual 70s fashion and 70s shirts in particular. With the 70s shirts came ideas for shirts with Hawaiian patterns. And so we began to experiment. From an experiment in the course of a small expansion of the range, Hawaiian shirts have become a permanent feature of Comycom over the years.

Today they are an integral part of our range and we are particularly proud of our specially produced Hawaiian shirt with an autumn leaves motif.