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Ruffle shirts

Ruffle shirts have a long tradition, such shirts were worn as early as the 16th century, the age of the Renaissance, mainly worn by the nobility and the upper classes as a distinguished garment worn under the doublet. worn under the doublet.

A ruffle is the term used to describe multiple, extremely fabric laid on top of each other in an elaborate pleating technique, often often edged and embellished with lace or pleating. These delicate fabrics were used used, in addition to the clothing mentioned above, in the white or bed linen of the time. in the white or bed linen of the time as well as in upmarket home textiles. used. In addition, ruffles were of course also used in the playful, romantic-inspired Women's fashion, whether in the form of frilled blouses or frill tops.

In the forties - seventies seventies of the last century, garments with ruffles experienced a further then experienced another fashion peak. Ruffled shirts were often used in the music industry, large orchestras or jazz combos dressed their members uniformly, often for large stage stage performances, with these eye-catching and elegant-looking garments. clothes.

The frilled shirt found its way onto the stages of the world. Whether shiny polyester fabrics or nobler satin cotton variants, whether simple carnival articles or high-quality manufactured, decorated with detailed, puffed-up baroque frills, sometimes as strikingly decorated pirate shirts or in fashionable gypsy or dark gothic styles. gothic styles, these tops are presented independently of the currently fashion trends of the moment.

Today, the frill shirt is no longer event and stage presence without it. Original ruffled shirts with contrasting colors, some with elaborate with contrasting colored, sometimes elaborately piped ruffles in a classic mix of cotton and polyester can be found prominently in the Comycom range. A colorful selection in a wide variety of colors and materials, in addition to a broad a wide range of sizes, make bands or even opera, theater and other event organizers are sure to find the stage outfit which perfectly matches the choreography, the music or the event.

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