Samples & Individual parts
70s Samples Sale

Retro patterns of 70s flared pants, 70s shirts and jackets

You are looking for a unique piece.
You like 70s fashion.
You love the style of the hippies and flower children.
We have that and a large selection of it. When we prepare our own productions, patterns of flared pants - whether jeans flared pants, fabric flared pants or corduroy flared pants - are designed and produced. Also samples of 70s shirts with dachshund ear collars or the strikingly large 70s collar as well as jackets with wide 70s lapels. Production samples are created with every new production. Here we give you the exclusive opportunity to admire and purchase them. Each of these samples is unique. This means that these flared pants or the cool 70s shirts have never gone into series production. For example, we may have opted for a different style, color, batik, fabric pattern, wash or finish. Or changes were made to the flared pants, 70s shirts and Comycom 70s men's jackets before production. Here we post hippie flared pants, vintage 70s shirts and retro jackets at irregular intervals. So you have the opportunity to buy real unique pieces.

Discontinued models, remaining sizes and individual items of various 70s retro fashion tops and flared pants.

In addition to our samples of flared pants, 70s shirts and men's jackets, we have many individual items. Resulting from an unsold remaining size, a customer return (e.g. flared pants) or individual items that have turned up after a stock revision, etc.

Here we offer you the opportunity to examine these items and integrate them into your closet at home if required. These are mainly ladies' tops. The odd 70s shirt for men or dresses, hippie skirts, flared pants and everything else the range has to offer. We look forward to welcoming you to our sale promotions. We endeavor to supplement the range of women's tops from the 70s fashion and retro fashion segment. We have 1-2 of these items in stock at any one time. Now it's time to be quick, otherwise your coveted retro item from the 70s fashion segment will find its way into someone else's closet.

70s second hand and used items from the areas of flared pants, 70s shirts and ladies' tops.

From time to time we receive an item that has been worn 1-2 times. These are items in new condition. The size did not fit the customer - flared pants bought too tight and noticed after the first wear - or did not complement the rest of the outfit perfectly. Such items are professionally cleaned, ironed and presented here. These items, whether flared pants, 70s ladies' tops, tunics or hippie retro 70s shirts, come in a used or second-hand condition in our product selection. As a bargain hunter, 70s fashion fan and lover of unusual items, you can find fashionable highlights at particularly low prices.

Information and your service:

If you are interested in one of these items but are unsure about the fit, size etc., don't worry. We will be happy to help you with information. If required, we can measure the item (e.g. measure 70s shirts) or provide information about the material etc. Please note that these are remnants, patterns and individual items - example: 70s shirts in various batiks or prints. All items are checked for their condition. Some items are not in their original packaging or completely labeled. This is not a shortcoming and has been taken into account in our pricing. For example, the flared pants or 70s shirts shown here are only available in one of the sizes shown here. We kindly ask you to refrain from inquiries as to whether the items can be ordered or are available in other sizes. Many 70s shirts, flared pants or ladies retro tops in cool 70s fashion look are ready for you.