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Bootcut men's jeans from Comycom, also available in large sizes and overlengths.
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Jeans bootcut pants

Our model line Star bell bottoms are also available in bootcut format with small flare. Bootcut jeans pants from Comycom are available in different vintage, used and dirty washings. Moderate low-waist cut pants in cool bootcut look in deep black as basic pant, in patchwork optics, in dark blue, light blue or dirty denim. We offer a big size range and differnet washings and designs in favorate unisex cut, to wear for her and him. Bootcut jeanspants as counterpart to our Jeans bell bottoms.

(1) Men bootcut jeans pants from »standard size to plus size« in 70s retro style

By definition a bootcut jeans pant cut is made so that the lower leg area is loose (light flare) low-hip cut up to a waist pant. The here presented men bootcut jeans pants are either made of 100 % denim cotton fabric or alternativ with a small stretch part of 2 % with 98 % cotton. The basic cut of this bootcut jeans is more slim fit on the waistband and thigh area.

(2) 70s bootcut pant cut

The leg course, regarded from above, is downwards light flared to achieve the required, discreet flare size (to wear over the bootleg). The light low-slung cut in combination with a moderate flare width is the classical feature of this kind of pant. Diverse washings as well as the playing with details and material let these basic bootcut style seem to be ageless. Men bootcut jeans pants are fashionable an allrounder concerning the combination possibilities and because of there rather inconspicuous leg width in any case suitable for everyday use. Naturally the diverse facets of washing effects are an intention booster for these jeans pants. If you want to range completely in the seventies look, than a bootcut jeans in combination with a pair of cowboy boots and a dachshound ear collar shirt or a jeans shirt with big 70s collar is perfect.

(3) Men jeans bootcut pants raw denim

A used washing or a so called random wash effect will intensify the appearance of the retro style. Naturally we offer such a bootcut jeans pant, made of very reserved raw denim dark blue jeans material, just washed one time as unobstrusive styled pant, in our product range. Our conclusion: Men bootcut jeans are in any case a clear recommendation for all men with an addiction to flares made of jeans material. The main focus is here on the clearly reduced flare size and of course the frugal appereance. So a pant for you with clear predilection for understatement and simultaneously self-confident in its nature. Bootcut jeans are real classic and surely to be recommended for all sizes and figures as good wearable.

(4) Plus size & oversize for bootcutjeans

We offer our Men Comycom bootcut jeanspants especially because of there uncomplicated and good wearability certainly in plus sizes. Our plus sizes start with a waist size of 38 inch and are available for nearly all bootcut jeans pants up to a waist size of 42 inch. Plus size bootcut pants or big sizes - bootcut jeans for men. Exemplary some direct links to our big bootcut pants:

a) bootcut denim flared jeans Star Random in waist size 42 and length 34 inch
b) jeans bootcut flare pant Star cut used in waist size 40 and length 32 inch

Many more larger size bootcut pants you will find directly on the article page in the category jeans bootcut pants men. Oh, and for whom the flare is not enough, we have nearly all our men bootcut jeans pants with a much more bigger flare....

How can I find the right size?

You have got a question regarding your pant size? To find your exact size quickly, we have listed all offered 70s retro pants according to their flare sizes in individual size blocks. Just click on the blue button above, choose your flare size and look at the equal size chart.

For further questions or problems please do not hesitate to contact our support per mail, phone or our Comycom support sytem