• RETURNS in general

    In case you want to make use your Right of revocation or guarantee claims against comycom.de each packet has a return note attached. This return note is to facilitate the return for you and to help us to assign your shipment quickly but it is no requirement for your Right of revocation.

    Please complete the return note carefully and enclose it to your return packet. You can fill in your exchange/refund wishes there.

    The below listed proceeding for your return is just a possiblity to make use of your right and no requirement for your claim/return.

  • Recommended proceeding:

    1) You receive the article(s) and are not satisfied, the article(s) do not fit? No problem!

    2) In case you would like to use or cost-free DHL return service (DHL return portal) please follow this » Link.

    Please enter your order number and address into the DHL form, print the postage label and stick it on the return packet.

    NOTE: »complete returns« - no exchange/partial exchange - could be also returned by using this postage label. For an insured reshipment with DHL tracking postal charges of - at the moment - 4,50 Euro incur. This postal charges will be deducted when refunding the purchasing price.

    3) Now you can take the packet to your next DHL post office.

    4) In case you have no possibility to print the postage label, please contact our support an we will send it out to you by letter mail.