Immediate bank transfer by KLARNA

By immediate bank transfer you pay with your online bank data. The transfer method is veryfied by TÜV (Techincal Supervisory Association) with the TÜV seal as transaction safe.

Which advantages do I have with Klarna/immediaten bank transfer?:

* When paying with Klarna/immediate bank transfer, we will receive a confirmation of your transfer from your bank directly in real-time- This means a bank transfer was made by you. Therefore we can handle your order directly (on working days) and ship it as quickly as possible.

What do you need to do an immediate bank transfer?

* You can use this payment method only if your are registered and unlocked from your bank for the online banking. During the payment process you have to enter PIN and TAN (same as you have to do with the online banking).

To participate in immediate bank transfer you have to do the following:

* 1) You IBAN CODE (you can find it on your EC card)
* 2) Your log in data for your bank (direktbanking-no or account no. depending on bank institution)
* 3) The PIN number wich you have registered with at your bank (online-banking)
* 4) A TAN number (you have received a list with active TAN numbers by your banking institution)

Naturally it is also possible to do shopping without customer account:

Should you not use online-banking until now, this payment method is unfortunately not possible for y

Is the prodedure »immediate bank transfer« safe?

* Quotation from Klarna: "Definitely! Saver than with Klarna an online shopping can't be." Klarna / immediate bank transfer belongs today to the safest online payment services. Detailed information about safety and privacy protection you will find here » safety and privacy protection Klarna.

Simple and secure

"Pay now." formerly known as SOFORT is the direct payment system provided by Sofort GmbH - in new Klarna design. It allows you to make a wire transfer of the respective amount during the order process using your online banking account - easy, quick and secure – without registration. The online shop can process and deliver your order faster thanks to our real-time transaction notification. Learn more about "Pay now."» KLARNA.