FAQ - How to measure a pant.

How and where to measure a pant the right way?

  • A) Find the exact waist size of an own, well fitting pant.

    -- -- A short description how to find your correct size in cm/inch. --

    Step 1)

    We measure the waist size of an own pant with the same rise size as our pant models: (rise measurement, see photos below)

    Bundweite Hose messen

    DEFINITION of the size names:

    -- Waist, measured in inch = waist size of the pant.

    -- Length, measured in inch = inner leg lenght of the pant.

    - Our pant sizes are labeled according to the American producers standard definded INCH measurement. This for jeans pants well-established size labeling is constructed as follows: the first size specification indicates always the waist size, shortened with W (for waist) and the second specification is the length, shortened with L (length). The first size specification W describes therefore the waist size, the second one L the length of the bootcut or flared pant.

    TIP - Who feels uncertain about the size, please take a well fitting own pant and measure it as shown on the picture above.

    Step 2)

    The pant you use for measurement should not have a very low- or high-waist cut, as the measurement specifications can not be compared in this case. Our STAR flared pants have got a rise of 24 cm (please take care that your own to measure pant has got an equal rise, otherwise a comparison is not possible. The rise defines the upper part of a pant in a significant way).

    Look for the single measured value in cm in the schedule waist size. » to find under the accordingly navigation tab » " Size " at the end of the article view besides the description or in our sourced out size help.

    Tabelle Schlaghosen

    TIP: You have got a question regarding your pant size? To find your exact size quickly, we have listed all offered 70s retro pants according to their flare sizes in individual size blocks. Just click on the blue button above, choose your flare size and look at the equal size chart.
  • B) How to find the exact leg length:

    -- A short description how to find the right length in cm / inch.

    - Length measured in INCH

    Step 1)

    How to measure the inner leg length respectively flared pant length in INCH:
    - Please take a length well fitting pant and measure it from the crutch point (see photo), where the seams cross, along the inner leg seam up to the leg end.

    Länge einer Hose messen Aussenbeinlänge Schlaghose Schlagweite Hose messen Leibhöhe messen

    Now please look for this value in cm in the below listed size table » "Inner leg length in cm".

    In the table above (length/inch) you can now find the according inch length! Step 2)

    Besides that you can also measure from the waistband along the outer leg seam and look for that value in the size table » "outer leg length / cm". The corresponding inch value you will find in the size table » "Length / Inch" above. You can also find the values regarding flare sizes (single measured) in the table besides the article description. (picture below length table)

    Comycom Hosen Längentabelle

    TIP: You are looking for help regarding the sizes of our 70s Comycom flares? You will find it here, quickly, simple and central linked. Just click on the »gear-wheel Icon« and follow the links!