Women Flared Pants

Women's flared trousers for you, with fun in cheeky retro fashion from the 70s. Jeans bell-bottoms, corduroy bell-bottoms or bell-bottoms made of different fabrics. We have been producing women's flared trousers for over 20 years. Our expertise: Large selection of different flared trousers models, sizes up to waist width 42 inches, lengths from 30 inches to 36 inches. Basic or unusual, the decision is made here Your taste alone!

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A world-famous sociologist once said, fashion is something for people without their own taste! From my perspective, fashion is something very beautiful. Fashion is much more than just the one parameter of taste. Fashion is what we make of it. I know what the Lord is telling us with his quips wanted. But I see it a little differently. I would like to briefly tell you why with a little story:

Fashion, in my case the fashion of the 70s, was innovation, revolution, renewal.  The 70s were generally an era like no other. We can still clearly feel their fashion influences today, far into all areas our society.

Fashion 1974 - Women's flared trousers

In 1974 I was 14 years old. At that time, I was particularly fascinated by women's flared trousers. Women's flared trousers were something we only rarely saw in magazines and TV programs. My first women's flared jeans were Wrangler jeans, and I was proud of them. Tight cut, I was really slim, these bell-bottoms fit my body. I didn't want to take them off anymore. Pocket money saved over several months. An investment that fulfilled my greatest wish. I was so happy.

If fashion has such power to make me this happy, and women's flared trousers were really the rage back then, then something magical must have happened here. Since that day I have loved women's flared trousers. A lot of time has passed since then, fashions came, fashions went. Meanwhile, women's bell-bottoms are piled up in my closet. I go with fashion, I walk alongside it. Pants cuts change, new materials were introduced tried out. I am a loyal soul, my favorite trousers were, are and will always be women's flared trousers. I stand by that.


Today the company Reiß & Schlegel GbR under its own brand “COMYCOM” primarily produces women's flared trousers. The brand was registered in 2004. The focus was already clear back then: women's bell-bottoms are and will be the main theme of the brand. A lot of time has passed since then. But our women's flared trousers are as current as they were in 1974! I'm happy that fashion like this exists.

Now to you, dear visitor:

1) Are you looking for something that is not just fashionable, but that you actually like?
2) Does your wardrobe still have space left?
3) You don't want to make fashion compromises?
4) Would you like to try something new?

If you can answer one of the questions above with “Yes, I want to!”, you have come to the right place.

We produce women's flared trousers! We have been putting all of our knowledge and know-how into each and every one of our women's flared trousers for over 20 years. We produce in a family business in Turkey. Medium-sized company with close friendly ties to us. We also produce other items, but women's flared pants are our most essential product! We have implemented the flared trousers fashion of the 70s in a contemporary way for you. That's what we stand for.

This is explicitly about you and your wishes:

First you should formulate your very specific preferences.

For example: I need women's flared trousers for an event. Or, I need something new to go out with. Or, I've been looking for a while for  very special women's flared trousers (batik style, patchwork jeans flared trousers, Fringed pants, mega flare, etc.) Or, I just feel like trying something new.

You find a good reason! Now we're getting closer to the matter. I have put together a little help for you about our women's flared trousers:

ADVANTAGES of women's flared trousers:

Advantage 1. Women's flared trousers cut a good figure. Because they are cut tightly in the upper area, the buttocks, hips and thighs are shown off perfectly.
Advantage 2. Women's flared trousers are magical a great silhouette.
Advantage 3. You can dance well with women's flared trousers. The flare elegantly surrounds your shoes and gives you the visual effect of dynamism.
Advantage 4. Women's flared trousers and horse fit together almost perfectly. As a rider in western style with jeans bell-bottoms, what could be more exciting!
Advantage 5. From a practical point of view, women's bell-bottoms are always a perfect basis. With a little ingenuity The endless combination possibilities arise almost automatically.

There are actually disadvantages too ;-)

DISADVANTAGES of women's flared trousers:

Disadvantage 1. Depending on the flare and length of the women's flared trousers, your newly purchased shoes will visually disappear underneath ;-(
Disadvantage 2. Not every employer (office, law firm, etc.) shows understanding for such (striking) women's bell-bottoms.
Disadvantage 3. Women's flared trousers are not really suitable for sporting activities, such as cycling or swimming.
Disadvantage 4. You will attract attention with these women's flared trousers (batik/patchwork/patches/fringes, etc.). If you want that, then this point is of course not a disadvantage.
Disadvantage 5. You only like straight-cut trousers, then women's flared trousers are taboo for you!

In addition to the 70s fashion revival, there are certainly plenty of good reasons to take a closer look at buying women's flared trousers. Here are a few ideas for you:

1) A 70s themed party is marked in red on your calendar. For such events, women's flared trousers are an almost essential, fashionable key piece.

2) You finally want to experience the Schlagermove / Burg Herzberg Festival etc.  Experience it live and are you looking for the right trousers for this event(s)? For such occasions, women's flared trousers are almost irreplaceable.

3) You already belong to one of those 70s old hippie ladies associations, one  70s fan group, the female flared pant freaks or fashion extremism? Yes, you definitely need one or better yet a wide selection of women's flared trousers. And yes, even if none of this applies to you, flared pants don't make a summer, but they do make a DIFFERENCE in your overall outfit. Dare, and you could quickly, in one of these customer groups described and can find them again.

4) Fashion is one of your core competencies. In current trouser fashion, the topic of “fashion in the seventies” is very popular again. So, without any detours, we come straight to women's flared trousers. I would like to claim The 70s were the birthplace of this fashionable women's flared trousers category. Women's flared pants, also known as flared pants or bell bottom jeans, and other similarly eye-catchingly designed so-called “trumpet pants” saw the light of the world. From then on, various jeans materials as trousers material also established themselves in the fashion environment. Rock bands, disco queens, entertainers and pop stars did the rest to keep this type of bell-bottoms in our collective consciousness anchor. “A STAR” was born. Now you even know the founding story of our women's flared trousers. All of our women's flared trousers have the Anglicism "STAR" prefixed.


Now Some more information about the jeans materials we use: We use jeans or denim fabrics, corduroy materials with and without stretch, heavy gabardine qualities and other materials in different thicknesses and qualities. Our denim materials are made up of either 100% cotton, have a denim weight of 12, 13 and 14 ounces. We also process 12.5 ounces of denim in a material composition of 98% cotton and 2% elastane, thinner stretch denims and denim fabrics a 100% organic cotton quality. The topics of sustainability and organic-certified materials (GOTS and other certifiers) will take on a more dominant role in further productions step by step. By intelligently reusing leftover fabric from cutting production, we have solved the problems of our patchwork trousers design, which can be used as patches or wedge inserts in the flap Residual recycling has almost been abolished.

Last but not least, a few personal words to you:

Should you be unsure whether you really like or fit the pants? No problem, you can try on each pair of trousers in the comfort of your own home. Please do us just one favor, leave all labels, etc. on the pants, don't wash them. Imagine you are in a store. There you try on the pants and if you don't like them or you don't like them, you give them back to the seller. We lay In exactly such cases, all deliveries include the required documents and a free DHL label. You pack the pants back up and take them to the post office. We'll do the rest for you as soon as the pants are back has arrived with us. And if you still have questions, bring them on! We have a support ticket system in the shop, or you can write us a nice email or call. We'll be happy to help you.