Cord Flared Pants for women
Damen Corduroy flared trousers

Whether plain or colorful patchwork corduroy flared pants - COMYCOM women's corduroy trousers in authentic 70s retro style - CORD with conviction. Now also cord flared pants made from stretch corduroy material, wide corduroy fabric and new, low-cut hip flared trousers and corduroy bib flared trousers - always all corduroy.

Women's corduroy flared trousers

Corduroy, corduroy, corduroy is all I'm looking for... Corduroy, corduroy, corduroy is all I want... you could do something like that new lyrics for an old children's song. But you don't have to look long here, here we already have our selection of beautiful corduroy flared trousers put together especially for you. Whether Black, whether Blue whether Brown... well, let's leave it at this point with the new one Just text and show what we have. True to the motto, what are 1000 words against a picture?

Comycom Cord Flare Pants in brown, grey, Light blue or black, striped, patterned or as patchwork trousers opened. The material is made of 100% cotton, the feel is velvety soft, the colors are subtly playful, the cut is identical to our other »Star Bell-bottoms." Take a look at it in peace, because to our ladies Corduroy flared trousers in the style of the rocking 70s our colorful tunics or floral ones Tops combine and a real Plateau Women's shoes always fit anyway. Sure, of course, 5-pocket cut and a little deeper than normal, slightly hip fit, exactly so that you can still move easily without constantly having to put your pants back on having to pull up. We have our corduroy flared trousers in the first basic category Variants now also available in 30 inch lengths up to 36 inch lengths. And the waistband size range is as wide as usual, so you can certainly You will find your size.

How do I find my size?

Do you have questions about your trouser size? We have you covered For quick size orientation, all the 70s retro flared trousers, BOOTCUT trousers etc. offered here are listed in table form, according to the different flare widths, and these in individual size blocks displayed/sorted. Simply click on the black gear button at the top left, Select bell bottom model or bootct type and display the corresponding size tables there.
If you have any questions or problems with the size information, our support is available. by email, telephone or via our Comycom support system Available.

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