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You have got a question regarding your pant size? To find your exact size quickly, we have listed all offered 70s retro pants according to their flare sizes in individual size blocks. Just click on the blue button above, choose your flare size and look at the equal size chart.

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Comycom retro flared pants

The rhythm of a past epoch is perceptible in the fashion of its day. Light swinging, bottom wide flared pants - so called trumpet pants - the name is already rhythm and music, accompany a new grown up generation of protesting adolescents in a time of breakup. Realing forward, discover new music, out of the must of the last years in to the adventure of sex and drugs and rockn'roll. The motto was to be radical different and extremely provocative in public.

Out of the grey monotony in to the colourful clothes of the roaring seventies. Flower power as powerful motto, jeans flares and hotpants as fashion statement, mini skirt and platform shoes as symbol of a new, free generation. Jeans materials, formerly only used as workwear, were taken for a -yet- antifashionable alternative culture.

Strong pictures, fast hard rhythms, guitar sound from Jimi Hendrix up to psychedelic sounds changed this, our, world. Something better should come.... Corduroy flared pants, flap trousers and patchwork jeans pants with trumpet flares, everything was allowed and felt simply good. Destroyed 70s bellbottom jeans, US army parkas alieneted and adorned with plenty of »Love and Peace« buttons, gypsy fashion and flutter look were established besides the mainstream. We love this inspiration and produce according to old drafts new flares. Denim and corduroy, gabardine and material mix are available for new pants in 70s retro style from bootcut up to mega flared pants. Comycom bellbottom pant, the revival says hello!