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Herrenhemden der 70ziger Jahre
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70er Shirts with frills

Shirts with frills have a long tradition! Worn already in the 16th century, the renaissance century, predominant by nobility and upper class often as elegant garment under the pourpoint. Named as frill is a multiple, extremly elaborately one upon the other laied fabric in perfect in form puckering technique, often also bordered and adroned with lace or plissé.

This filigree fabric was used for the above mentioned clothings as well as in the former white- or bed linen or in the noble textile living areas. Futhermore frills were found naturally in the fancy, romantic inspired ladies fashion, if in form of ruching blouses or frilled tops.

In the 40s - 70s of the last century clothing with frills hit the point of culmination in fashion. Ruffled shirts were found in many places as music sector, big orchestras or jazz combos. The members were clothed homogeneous, often for big stage gigs with these eye-catching and noble looking clothes. The frilled shirt found it's way into the world of stages.

If shiny polyester fabric or noble satin cotton variations, if simple carnival article or high-quality shirt with attention to detail vapored baroque frills, sometimes as conspicuous adorned pirate shirts, fashionable gypsy or blackly gothic styles, these tops are independent of the just hip fashion waves. The event- and stage presence is unimaginable without frilled shirts. Original ruffled shirts with contrast coloured partial complex piped frills in classical material mix of cotton and polyester you will find in the Comycom sortiment in prominent posistion. A colourful choice of different colour combinations and materials besides a wide diversified sizes will let you find the perfect outfit for bands, opera, theater or event managers to complete the choreography, music or event.

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