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Uni - the new "Colourful"

We have the right shirt for all your magic moments!

Uni coloured men shirts with big 70s collar or if you are looking for the special thing in the basic sector, with very overhanging dachshound ear collar. The new »colourful« for on top with choosen colours, choosen materials, choosen cuts, choosen collar styles and naturally choosen designs.

The new »colourful« - our big range of retro classics of the late 60s and early 70s men shirts, even the uni coloured shirts to combine, complete and gild. Here you will find it! Unicoloured longsleeve shirts with end-to-end button tap, different collar designs, with or without chest pocket, but always stylish and first of all it has to be - UNI -!

Who ever spend hours in front of the wardrobe to find the right outfit for the party, the event, the disco or the gig, will appreciate it. There is nothing like these in proper style classics in the shirt discipline. Everyone needs IT! Everyone who ever became desperate because nothing of the amazing colourful, patterned, checkered, striped, printed or tie-dyed shirts matched your pant, sack coat, jacket or rest of the outfit, remembers the surprise when discovering in the rearward corner of the wardrobe the uni coloured »COLOURFUL« shirt, tried it on and was flabbergasted and found out: that's IT! That's right! Now it is harmonious what seemed to derail your evening plan. Uni colored, our new »colourful«...

How can I find the right size?

You have got a question regarding your shirt size? To find your exact size quickly, we have listed all offered 70s retro shirts according to their manufaturers in individual size blocks. Just click on the blue button above, choose your flare size and look at the equal size chart. For further questions or problems please do not hesitate to contact our support per mail, phone or our Comycom support sytem.