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Hawaii Hemden der 70ziger Jahre
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Aloha Hawaii shirts

Cool retro seventies hawaiian style shirts in many colourful styles. Typical hawaiian designs as palm trees, hibiscus blooms and flower power allover look. Light loose cut rayon material for warmer days with authentic coconut buttons and vintage style chest pocket create a perfect combination to our flared used washed jeans and bootcut flared pants. In addition to our 70s classic shirts with ruffles and dachshund collar we now offer the aloha hawaii shirts edition with short or long sleeves for summer and beach parties or just as cool colourful eye-catching basic shirt.

How can I find the right size?

You have got a question regarding your shirt size? To find your exact size quickly, we have listed all offered 70s retro shirts according to their manufaturers in individual size blocks. Just click on the blue button above, choose your flare size and look at the equal size chart. For further questions or problems please do not hesitate to contact our support per mail, phone or our Comycom support sytem.