Schlaghosen der 70ziger Jahre

Corduroy flared pant black

By Comycom | April/12/2018

Corduroy flared pant black

The corduroy flared pant black is one of Comycoms "godfathers". Besides the jeans flares Star used and Gabardine in black, this flares are "Only oldies are goldies!".[...]

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Jeans flared pants Star Gringo MEN

By Comycom | April/13/2018

Jeans flared pant Gringo

The name obliges, Comycom flare made of solid stretch jeansmaterial, with gloomy dirty washing and many little details, which make this flared pant to a worthy counterpart to the Star dirty[...]

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Grey jeans with flare

By Comycom | April/13/2018

Light grey jeans flares

Washy light grey stretch denim flared jeans, Star White Hawk, unfortunately nearly sold out. But the good news, we have revised the pant totally and are waiting for it to arrive soon [...]

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Jeans flares Raider fromn Comycom

By Comycom | April/13/2018

Embroidered jeans

The design of the flared jeans »Star Raider« was inspired by a customers photo. This photo showed a flared jeans pant with printed flare. This was the trigger to us.[...]

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By Comycom | April/13/2018

Patchwork flard pant

Casual hippie corduroy flares made of different brown and brown patterned corduroy patches. Eye-catching bellbottom pant perfect for festival, stage or any 70s events[...]

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By Comycom | Apr/13/2018

Burn, Burn, Bootcut

And it burns, burns, burns, a bootcut flared jeans named »Star Cut BURN« ! Love is a burning thing... yes, the text fits perfectly to our women bootcut jeans in dark,light washed jeans fabric.

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70er Hemd

By Comycom | Mai/02/2018

The seventies shirt!

Your retro flared pants fits perfect? All right, now just the adequate shirt is missing to complete your outfit. A 70s shirt is needed. So we need your assistance! Should it be more classical? In direction of shirts with ruffles? Or would you prefer it more decent but with wow factor - than we will offer you our dachshound collar shirts! Or should it really rock? Than it could be really hefty patterned and colourful. Take a look around. You will be surprised what kind of choices we will offer you here... [...]

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Retro Style 70s Bell bottoms

Old styles reissued. Pants, first of all flared pants, made of diverse materials in different flare widths and cuts, patterns and optics: that's our special subject. Retro fashion from the early 60s - 70s, hippie fashion, love peace as key term of a new epoch. Denim trousers with trumpet flare, corduroy bell bottom pants, patchwork pants composed to a complete new look. Flared pants as symbol for a generation, crocheted waistcoats, faux leather jackets and indian GOA style shoulder bags as well as many more clothing in legendary gipsy look complete our product range. The pantaloon of a new youth! Bell-bottoms were celebrated on the biggest festivals of the world as well as on the stages by a rebelling rock generation. Glam and glitter look, Marlene style or classical jeans with little bell adorned flares, stitchery and anti nuclear power patches on the parka. The flared pant as an expression of a new time... She is alive, we celebrate her and let her revive in a new brightness. Comycom as a specialised supplier of seventies vintage clothing in hippie, GOA, flower power and disco party look. Eye-catching and cool, evertime a little bit different as usual, bell bottoms, bootcut pants, super wide flared pants and everthing that belongs to it. We permanently expand our flared pant product range and present nearly monthly new, selected retro articles from all fields concerning the theme of the cultic 70s fashion.