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How can I find the right size?

You have got a question regarding your pant size? To find your exact size quickly, we have listed all offered 70s retro pants according to their flare sizes in individual size blocks. Just click on the blue button above, choose your flare size and look at the equal size chart.

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Women Cord Flares

All you need is corduroy... corduroy is all you need... so or something like that could be a new text for an old song. You don't have to search for a long time! Here we have a big range of our beautiful corduroy flared pants compiled for you. Black, blue, brown,...everything the heart desires, we will show it here.

Comycom corduroy pants with flare in brown, grey, light blue or black, striped or with pattern or made as patchwork pant. The material is 100 % cotton, velvety grip, various colours, the cut identical to our other »Star flared pants«. Take a look around and find the perfect combination for our corduroy flares with colourful flower power tuniques, floral tops and gypsy style blouses. The right platform shoe fits evertime in any case to your rocking 70s retro outfit. Sure, 5-pocket style and a little bit more low waisted as normal, just so that you are able to move well without hitching up you pant permanently. Our basic variations of corduroy flares are availble now in 30 length up to 36 length. The waist size spectrum is diversified as usual so you will surely find your size.